Celebs Experiencing Hair Loss: Can They Save Their Hair?

We love when celebrities are relatable. Whether that be an affordable car they drive, the places they grocery shop, or a cute outfit bought from Target. When they seem more “human” they seem more approachable. One thing that you can’t escape no matter how famous you are is hair loss. It effects everyone, no matter your gender, ethnicity or background, including celebs!

These 4 celebrities have been getting major press regarding their hair loss lately, whether that be from their own conversations or speculation. We are speculating on how they are managing their hair loss and what they could be doing better. All to help you decide how to best tackle your hair loss issues!

Tyra Banks – Verdict: Absolutely!

At one point, Tyra Banks was the highest-paid super model in the world. She’s an author, a television host, and an entrepreneur, so she is constantly juggling several projects at one time. She has said in recent interviews that she has experienced stress related hair loss. This is known more scientifically as Telegen Effluvium, which is when the hair growth cycle goes into a “coma” due to stress. If this becomes a regular occurrence, the hair follicles could die, leading to permanent hair loss.

We haven’t seen noticeable hair loss from Banks yet, but it is important that she is talking about it now. As soon as you notice any kind of hair loss that is not normal for your body, it is important to check with your doctor to make sure there isn’t any medical reason that may be causing this shedding. Hair loss can be caused by several factors, including hormonal imbalances, postpartum hair loss, recent surgery, rapid weight loss, post-chemotherapy, genetics, and more. In Banks case, her hair loss was stress related, so she probably started a topical treatment right now. However, the Revolve system would be better suited in helping her jump-start her hair into growing at its regular pace again. It is more advanced than topical systems, because Revolve reaches the hair follicle and uses natural ingredients to target the core issues causing the hair loss.

Andre Agassi – Verdict: No Way

The highly-decorated Tennis Champion has admitted to wearing wigs and hair pieces. In fact, he partly credits his loss in the 1990 French Open to wearing a wig, as the fear of it falling of mid-match was a huge distraction. After his then wife, Brooke Shields, suggested he shave his remaining hair off, he has embraced the clean shaven look ever since. While we think his current look really works for him (especially since the last hairstyle we saw him in was a mullet), if he wanted try to regrow his hair he wouldn’t be successful.

The leading cause of hair loss in men and women is the build-up of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the hair follicle. When large amounts of DHT build up in the hair follicle, it inhibits the hair from fully growing. Therefore, with each hair cycle the hair gets thinner and thinner, until eventually, it is unable to penetrate the scalp. Once this occurs, the body begins to close up the hole where the hair once grew with oils. This is why most men who are in the process of balding or completely bald have shiny scalp skin. If you see shiny skin on your head, that means the stem cells in which you hair grows is completely dead. Without the help of hair transplants or stem cell regeneration, there is no hope in hair regrowth.

While Zenagen Revolve can’t help with his hair loss, the conditioner can help give him a healthy and moisturized scalp. The first ingredient is Aloe, which is one of the best natural anti-inflammatory ingredients available. This will help tame any irritation that someone may experience on the scalp, especially if they don’t have the extra layer of defense hair provides.

Jude Law – Verdict: Major Improvement Already

Still widely considered a heart throb in the hearts of many world-wide, Jude Law began experiencing hair loss several years ago, and people have been speculating on it ever since. We started to notice major thinning and shedding in early 2013. Not only did he have a noticeably recessed hair line, but he had a patch in the front of his hair that many people found awkward and unnecessary. However, in the past year we have seen a substantial amount of hair growth.

This can be contributed to many different hair loss solutions. He could be using hair loss products that contain Minoxidil or other harsh chemicals. He could also be using the popular prescription ,Propecia, to tame his rapid thinning and shedding. Hair transplants are not likely, as there would be a long period of time out of the public eye and potential scarring. However, the safest and cheapest option that he could be using is Zenagen’s Revolve Treatment for Men. Revolve would work well for Law, because the sooner you start, the better chance you have of saving and maintaining healthy hair. He saw a problem and immediately started a solution, exactly what Revolve was designed to do. It’s a discrete Shampoo Treatment and Conditioner set that provides noticeable results after only 2 weeks, while maximum results are seen around 24 months and maintained over the course of several years if used properly.

LeBron James – Verdict: Improvement Already

Surpassing Jude Law, an even more highly speculated upon case is that of LeBron James. Widely regarded as one the best basketball players of all time, James garners attention on and off the court. Outside of his career in basketball, he is also an actor and philanthropist. Regardless of his many, many accolades, still one of the biggest questions surround the star is about his hair. Did he or did he not have hair transplants?!

We think that the chances of James getting hair transplants are 50/50. He has been consistently playing basketball since he entered the league with frequent public appearances in the off-season. A hair transplant surgery can take months to fully recover from, giving the hair transplant theory a strike. He does however have a scar in the place where hair is typically grafted for a hair transplant procedure. His hair loss also seemed to be under control seemingly over-night, so that could be a point in favor for the hair transplant.

He has never gone on record to confirm if he has ever had the procedure, and we doubt he ever will. Regardless if he has or has not gotten hair transplants, he could benefit from the Revolve system. The Revolve Shampoo and Conditioner both have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging ingredients that will soothe the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. This system is safe for anyone who has had or is currently undergoing any kind of surgery, including hair transplants.

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