Break It Down: What Ingredients Are In Revolve?

Revolve Ingredients

If you’re a regular reader of the blog or familiar with the Zenagen products at all, you know the basics. We offer plant-based hair care products that give you the the best hair possible – whether that be fuller, healthier or more voluminous hair. The proprietary blends are all specially formulated to tackle different hair issues, and Revolve is far and away Zenagen’s “star” product. Just look at these Before & Afters! Only 3 months of use!

Zenagen Revolve Success Story

The Zenagen Revolve line is specially formulated to target hair loss in both men and women. The treatments contain no minoxidil, parabens, or SLS, so you don’t have to worry about any alcohol, harsh irritants, or chemicals that will dry out your hair. The proprietary green tea delivery system, paired with a special blend of natural ingredients, work together to cleanse and remove existing DHT build up, and block any future production of DHT topically. You’ve heard a lot about a “special blend” of natural ingredients, but what exactly are they? While we can’t give away all of our secrets, we’re going to give you a little more insight into the some of the unique ingredients that go into Revolve that set it apart.

Both the men and women’s formulas contain Bacopa Monnieri Leaf. It is a unique Indian plant that helps protect follicular cells. It’s known for being an unstable ingredient if not extracted properly, but since we are a science focused company, we figured out a way around that issue. We use an advanced extraction process which preserves the plant’s potency and stability. It’s a time consuming and difficult process, but it’s worth the effort, because this ingredient brings a protective quality to the product that is rarely found in other hair loss solutions.

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract is next on the docket, better known as green tea. Now, you may be thinking that green tea isn’t all that unique, and you would be right. It’s found in countless cosmetic, skin care and hair care products, however it’s used differently when it comes to Revolve. It is the main ingredient that makes our patented delivery system so unique. The green tea is extracted using a similar process as the Bacopa Monnieri Leaf, which allows us to get only the most efficacious parts of the plant. The green tea is what stimulates the scalp and allows the active nutraceutical ingredients found in Revolve to completely reach the hair follicle.

Other key ingredients include lavender, ginger root, red clover and saw palmetto. All of these ingredients in combination with our delivery system makes for one revolutionary hair loss product. Revolve uses natural ingredients to effectively treat hair loss at the source, and it’s totally safe and user-friendly. What more could you really want?!

Zenagen Revolve Treatment for Men and Women