All About BOOST

We’re trying a new thing on the blog this month and we think you’re going to like it… We have officially deemed August, All About BOOST Month! We’re going to be featuring tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your BOOST products, as well as answering questions on what you want/need to know about them. We’re so proud of all of our products, but can get caught up in only talking about Revolve and Evolve, so it’s about time we show our styling line a little more love!

Zenagen Boost Line

First, let’s dive into what exactly the BOOST line has to offer. BOOST is Zenagen’s specially formulated line of styling products that feature four unique options that tackle different hair needs. It’s a line where advanced hair-thickening technology meets superior styling to deliver instant, noticeable volume and fullness with every use. Oh, and did we mention it has the same nutraceutical, healthy hair technology that makes our Revolve and Evolve systems so fabulous?! It makes your hair look great now and later! Too good to be true? No way.

What exactly are the products you might be asking? Well let’s take a look at each one specifically.

Densifying Leave-In Cream

This baby is the secret weapon when it comes to fighting frizz while still maintaining volume and hold. It’s packed with coconut oil and baobab seed extract that condition without weighing hair down. It works as a styling cream to smooth hair or as a heat protectant during blow-drying and heat styling. It’s truly multi-faceted and is a best-seller among men and women.

Thickening Volume Foam

It’s lightweight. It’s simple. It smells good. It gives you major volume. Enhanced with a proprietary volume complex and blend of botanical extracts to promote fuller hair growth, this thickening foam creates the perfect canvas for styling flat, thin or lifeless hair. The conditioning, anti-frizz formula helps protect hair from the damaging effects of heat styling and the sun. Total win all around!

Thickening Texturizing Powder

Don’t let it’s size fool you… this little package packs a big punch when it comes making a huge impact on the look and feel of your hair. Because the formula contains multiple particle sizes, this revolutionary powder provides improved grip and texture without leaving white, powdery streaks in the hair. Plus, the innovative water-based technology features aloe leaf juice, which helps hair retain moisture.

Thickening Leave-In Spray

Now, this product is a little different from the rest. It’s not so much a styling product, as it is a leave-in treatment. This spray was created and formulated to be used in conjunction with the Revolve system for hair loss. It boasts the same formulation of nutraceutical ingredients in the Revolve line that fights hair loss. This product gives those dealing with hair loss that little extra boost for fuller and quicker results. Pro Tip: we like to use it as a night-time treatment.

Now that you’re familiar with our fabulous BOOST line, be on the lookout every week of August on tips and tricks on how to style different looks using the line! But, in the meantime, check out a how-to video now!

See you next week!